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Have you ever spent money on an advertising or marketing campaign and wondered why you didn’t get a better return on your investment? Assuming you wasn’t trying to sell ice to the Eskimos, there could have been a number of good reasons why it failed. Poor creative execution and/or the wrong media channel(s) are the most likely explanations.

When planning a campaign it’s vitally important to get the balance right when spending your budget. For example; blowing the majority of your money on expensive media space or luxury printing could be costly if you’re only going to scrimp on the stuff that actually delivers your message and ultimately makes the sale – the creative.

Good creative is a combination of clever words and engaging pictures, which when used effectively with the right media channel really gives a serious return on your investment.

Think of it like making a cake. A little or a lot of one particular ingredient could really alter the taste. The same applies when planning your next campaign. It’s about achieving the right mix of good creative and effective media.